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VoIP - "The Right Choice"

Say goodbye to high costs for conventional telecommunications systems. Don't pay double for telecom and internet services. Say hello to Voice-over-IP and make use of the technology with which data and voice are transferred simultaneously and for which separate telephone cabling is no longer necessary.

The benefits speak for themselves:

Vastly cheaper telephone charges: Save up to 80%. Particularly beneficial for internal communication and foreign calls.

Move office and make telephone calls immediately without any hassles: With VoIP, the time-consuming switching of telephone connections involved in moving an office is a thing of the past, as is the need for external engineers, who can often be expensive. Wherever your workstation is located in the company, the registration to the PC network is sufficient, and you can immediately use your personal telephone environment with your direct dialing.

Know who can be reached at any given time: You can see whether or not your colleagues are there by looking at the signaling on the name keys and in the telephone book. Spare yourself and your customers futile connection attempts.

Be reachable when you're not at your desk: Receive calls when absent. You can have these sent to you as a highly compressed e-mail attachment. This means that you can be kept up-to-date any time, any place. Naturally you can also forward calls without any problems.

Private Network and Security: Intelecom uses private IP connections as well as the public internet to deliver our services to customers. Custom span filters, enhanced controls and an extensive firewall insure protection to your network

Parallel use possible: There's no need to replace your whole system straightaway. Instead, you can integrate VoIP components into your existing telecommunications environment. If you want to know how to equip individual departments with VoIP or to make the change to VoIP in a step-by-step manner and be able to use both telecommunications systems in parallel, please contact us!

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