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Deer Park, NY September 28, 2006 - The holidays are a great time to spend with the entire family. However, what happens when you have a mother in Florida, a sister in California and a brother in Colorado? Intelecom Solutions has the answer. The Deer Park, Long Island-based company recently launched a series of videophones that will help families stay connected.

"With today's busy lifestyle, it's hard for people to jet off to various places on an on-going basis," said Peter Kilcullen, Executive Vice President, Intelecom Solutions. "We're offering consumers and businesses a way to communicate as if both parties were in the same room!"

Intelecom Solutions, a telecommunications and data solutions company offers a line of videophones to both consumers and businesses. To use these phones with Intelecom's service, all you need is a cable modem and an IP address obtained from Intelecom. You can use the phone while being on the computer or you can simply use your broadband.

Below are two of their models:

ViewPoint 8210 Videophone - The all-in-one architecture, angle-adjustable camera and LCD screen, friendly GUI, and built-in HUB enable users to install and use the system easily. It also allows access to IP networks via various modes, including LAN, VPN, ADSL, and cable modem. ViewPoint 8210 can initiate both video calls and pure voice calls over IP network. Users can also dial PSTN calls via a VoIP gateway.

ViewPoint 8220 Videophone - ViewPoint 8220 supports point to point video call and multipoint videoconference over IP as well as a telephone call over PSTN network. The users can choose any of these functions by pushing the function buttons. There are four A/V jacks at the rear panel, allowing the users to hook up additional A/V devices such as VCD, DVD, VCR and a TV set.

To use these phones, Intelecom offers their service. "With our videophones and service, you can completely eliminate your telephone line and telephone bill," said Mr. Kilcullen. "The only cost to the consumer is the product and our minimum fixed monthly rate."

Intelecom Solutions Inc. is a privately held integrated communications provider. Intelecom was formed in 1996. Our objective is to provide a wide array of telecommunications services with competitive pricing and unsurpassed customer care. Intelecom offers businesses large and small the opportunity to take advantage of VoIP today! Whether you are integrating voice into your existing legacy system or building a complete VoIP system for one or more offices, Intelecom has the solution.

For more information or to order the products call (631) 240-9100 Or visit the web at www.intelecomsolutions.

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