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Intelecom Unveils Partner Program, INTELEBOX Gateway

Intelecom Solutions Inc. (Booth 633) unveiled today its new partner program and launched its INTELEBOX gateway to enable end-to-end VoIP services.

Intelecom is a 10-year-old integrated communications carrier that provides voice and data applications over a private data network as well as the public Internet. At its booth, Intelecom will demonstrate the quality of its network by connecting to a customer in the United Kingdom via the Internet with a video phone using as little bandwidth as 384kbps. Intelecom built its network using the industry leader Huawei's NGN system.

The company also today launched INTELEBOX, which it developed to bridge the telephone and the Internet. By combining INTELEBOX and its feature-rich software, Intelecom creates an IP PBX that connects to the Intelecom VoIP network for an end-to-end solution. The IP PBX includes voice mail, auto attendant, ACD, conferencing, call forwarding and other features, and most importantly can integrate a customer's legacy PBX.

"Intelecom is well-positioned to enjoy a significant share of the IP telephony market, and we believe our success will come through sharing this opportunity with partners," said Peter Kilcullen, Intelecom's cofounder and executive vice president. "Our programs are designed to enable our partners to enter into the VoIP marketplace and to increase profitability by expanding their business models."

In particular, he said, the company's offerings will help partners seeking affordable IP telephony services for their customers and looking to build a strong recurring revenue business from managed services.

The company's partner program includes both agent and private-label resale options. Resellers handle their own billing and set their own margins. Agents are paid a monthly residual of up to 20 percent and have access to their customer information via an agent portal.

"We are all about support because we were agents at one time," said Kilcullen, noting that agents and resellers are assigned an account support team.

Monday July 22nd, 2024 7:16am EST